Young Carers

Hurworth School Young Carers Key Leader:  Linda Reed

A Young Carer is anyone aged 25 or below who provides regular and ongoing support to an individual due to a physical illness, mental health problem, physical or learning disability or who has a drug or alcohol dependency.

Each Young Carer is unique.  The caring roles and level of caring can vary in relation to the nature of the illness or disability, the level or frequency of need for care, the family structure and support already in place.


Darlington believes that Young Carers are young people first and Young Carers second. That they will have the same rights as all children and young people. That they should have access to all the facilities, services and support that is available to young people across Darlington. However, young people who are also Young Carers have additional needs.

Therefore Hurworth School pledges to support Young Carers in the following ways:

  • That there will be no assumptions on the needs of Young Carers. Instead we will promote the Young Carers’ voice to inform us of the support they require to fulfil their full potential, as well as supporting their additional needs as a Young Carer.
  • We will encourage Young Carers to tell us that they have a caring role and support anyone who comes forward.
  • Ensure that we have identifiable member (s) of Staff who will do their utmost to ensure Young Carers have access to support.
  • We are working to ensure that all our policies are designed to take into consideration or give recognition to Young Carers.
  • Young Carers will be given complete assurance that the information they share will remain confidential unless: consent is given to share information, risk or potential risk of harm, Police or courts ask for the information or they are in some way involved in terrorist offences.
  • Raise awareness of Young Carers amongst all staff and young people, making everyone aware of the issues and support that they can receive.
  • Try to make sure that Young Carers can be contacted or make contact with people they are caring for.
  • We agree arrangements with individual Young Carers, which recognises that they may have to arrive late or have to leave early based on their personal circumstances.
  • We will work with other services to support Young Carers and their family including contributing to assessments and promoting the Young Carers Voice.