We believe that dress and presentation create good personal standards, and parents/carers are requested to give their full support to the school in adhering to the range of clothing recommended. Whilst the school is in a period of winter uniform, shirts must be tucked in at all times and school jumpers must be worn.

Items and colours of clothing are as follows:

  • Trousers must be plain black, standard fit and not be made from denim, corduroy, leather, Leggings, jeggings, black jeans. ¾ trousers are not permitted. All students should be in trousers as skirts have been removed from the permitted uniform.
  • Plain white shirt not a T-shirt or blouse – this is only worn whilst in Winter uniform
  • School tie, this must cover the top shirt button (ties other than school ties are not to be worn) – this is only worn whilst in Winter uniform
  • Maroon Summer Polo Shirt – this is only worn whilst in Summer uniform
  • V-necked sweater with school logo
  • Black shoes with heels no higher than 4cm. Trainers and plimsoll shoes are not acceptable and neither are leisure boots such as Rockport, Doc Martins and Ugg boots. Plain black low heeled boots (Chelsea boot style) may be worn. Shoes must be plain black and not have stripes or logos of any kind visible. Shoes cannot have coloured or metal buckles or decoration on them.
  • Jewellery – only one small stud per ear lobe and in no other part of the ear, and one watch. No other jewellery or body piercing is permitted.
  • No jewellery is to be worn during PE lessons, this includes recently pierced ears (it is not acceptable to cover them with plasters). We advise for piercings to take place at the start of the 6 weeks’ holiday to allow healing to take place.
  • No coloured or fake nails are permitted. Nails should be of a reasonable length
  • Make up must be kept to an absolute bare minimum and must be natural looking.
  • False eyelashes are not permitted
  • Coats should be an appropriate outdoor coat – no sweatshirts, hooded tops, cardigans, tracksuit tops or coats made of denim
  • Hair styles /eyebrows must not have any lines, patterns or symbols showing and extreme hair dyes (hair must be of a natural colour/multi coloured hair is not acceptable for any student)
  • A school bag large enough to carry an A4 file must be carried every day

The decision when pupils will transfer from winter to summer uniform will be taken by the Head of School and will be communicated to Parents/Carers via letter. There will be a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice given prior to uniform change.

PE kit

  • Maroon sports top with school logo
  • Black shorts or black leggings with school logo (please note that leggings other than the school ones are not acceptable)
  • Maroon socks
  • Black fleece (optional)
  • Black waterproof top (optional)
  • Trainers
  • Football boots – football and rugby lessons only