Disadvantaged Pupils

Pupil Premium funding is provided by the government to enable school to support students and close any gaps between identified groups of students. The groups of students include those who are in the care of the local authority (LAC), who are post LAC (PLAC) children who have been adopted or who have a special guardianship order (SGO), those who have been eligible for free school meals within the last 6 years, or finally for those students whose parents are in the armed forces.

More information is available from the Department for Education on Pupil premium: Pupil premium: overview – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

For more information on whether you may be eligible for free school meals; Darlington BC – School meals 

If you are unsure of whether your child would quality, and if your circumstances change, please contact school to ensure that together we can provide the appropriate support.  

The details of how we use this funding at Hurworth can be viewing through our Pupil Premium Strategy.  

The committed staff at Hurworth will work with students to: 

  • Raise aspirations.
  • Open doors; both academically and with regards to enriching life experiences
  • Become valued members of our community.

In practical terms this has included provision of equipment and resources, subsidising school trips, mentoring programmes, core subject tuition and revision support.  

LAC; Looked After Children or CLA

For any student who is in the care of the local authority the provisions are outlined in more detail in our LAC policy

The Designated Teacher is Mrs Wright, who will mentor and drive the educational progress through the termly Personalised Education Plans (PEPs). Mrs Wright will represent school at care team meetings and looked after reviews, working with the care team to ensure that these vulnerable students have a positive educational experience at Hurworth.  

PLAC; Post looked after children

These students will either have been adopted or have an SGO. Hurworth provision is outlined in the LAC policy

Mrs Wright is the Designated Teacher; she will work with parents/guardians to ensure that students’ academic potential is realised whilst facilitating trauma informed practice. PLAC students often experience the same levels of early trauma, attachment disorders, SEND and other ACES which often result in a bespoke approach being needed. Mrs Wright will work with the Heads of Year and the team of professionals supporting the student outside of school such as Aspire, Adoption tees valley.