Code of Conduct

The school maintains very high standards of behaviour by making it very clear what is expected of students and by rewarding positive behaviour. All students are encouraged to develop good self-discipline, both within and outside the school. We constantly emphasise the need for students to follow simple guidelines. These are:


  • Follow the instructions given by the teacher first time.
  • Arrive on time to lessons and enter the room quietly.
  • Be prepared for the start of the lesson and get out relevant equipment to start.
  • Do not interfere with, or disrupt, the learning of others.
  • Show respect to staff, fellow students and visitors.


  • Praise.
  • Displays of work.
  • Red stars or Year 11 Prom Tokens.
  • Awards and certificates.
  • End-of-term prizes.
  • Nationally recognised qualifications in a variety of subjects and standards.


  • Cautions written in planner.
  • Verbal warning.
  • Detentions.
  • Removal of privileges.
  • Withdrawal of free time.
  • Internal Isolation
  • Internal Exclusion
  • Fixed term or permanent external exclusions.

In all, we seek to set and maintain excellent standards of behaviour to maximise learning for all within our school. Parents’/guardians’ support is fundamental to the success of this goal.