Reciprocal Reading

What is Reciprocal Reading?

A structured approach to reading that encourages students to actively engage with a text. The text could range from a chapter in a book or an extract to an exam question in Maths or Science.

How does it work?

It can be used in small groups or as a whole-class approach. Four students will be given a role to play: predictor, clarifier, questioner and summariser.  A text is split into sections by the teacher prior to the lesson. The group or class then approach the text one section at a time. After reading each section, the students with the designated roles will take action:

  • Predictor: I predict that this may happen next in the next based on…
  • Clarifyer: Are there any words we don’t understand and need to look up?
  • Questioner: Does anyone have any questions about the text?
  • Summariser: In this section, we have learnt…

What are the benefits?

  • Texts are more accessible, and students are more likely to actively engage when given a role to play (roles will regularly be shared out, swapped so all students are able to participate).
  • Once students become familiar with the Reciprocal Reading process, they can use the strategies in independent reading to help aid their comprehension of a text.

How do we know it works?

Miss Speed has worked with our smaller classes using this technique to great success. Therefore, we decided to train the whole staff in Reciprocal Reading so that we can use this consistent approach across the school in all subjects.

Please see the role cards that students use to help them below:


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