Our Curriculum Offer

Swift Academies provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that ignites pupils’ love of learning and successfully unlocks the true potential of each individual

At Hurworth our curriculum is knowledge rich.

We believe that students are empowered by what they know and that if immersed in a knowledge-rich curriculum, they are more likely to become the best versions of themselves.

What does knowledge rich mean?

  • Carefully chosen non-negotiable knowledge that we want our students to know in-depth, not merely encounter.
  • Cross-curricular – Each topic covered should be an enriching experience where students are offered a wealth of information that may cross over into other subjects, strengthening their overall knowledge.
  • Strategically sequenced lessons in every subject, so every topic is built upon, resulting in a network of fantastic knowledge.

Knowledge Organisers

In many of our Key Stage 3 and all of our Key Stage 4 subjects, students are given a Knowledge Organiser per topic. These organise the most vital, non-negotiable knowledge for each topic on to a single page.

At a single glance, Knowledge Organisers answer the question for students: ‘what is most important for us not to forget?’ Everything the student needs to know is set out clearly in advance.


  • Research shows that our brains remember things more efficiently when we know the ‘bigger picture’ and can see the way that nuggets of knowledge within that subject area link.
  • Making links, essentially, helps information move into our long-term memory. “Knowledge becomes sticky” – the more you know, the more you learn – which helps students gain deeper understanding over time.

How can you Knowledge Organisers be used?

We often use Knowledge Organisers as part of our ILTs where students will need to learn a section from the Knowledge Organiser and complete a Retrieval Practice task. They may then be given a low-stakes test to check for knowledge gaps.

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