Our Curriculum Offer

At Hurworth it is our aim to provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that ignites students’ love of learning and successfully unlocks the true potential of each individual. We believe that students are empowered by what they know and that, if immersed in a knowledge-rich curriculum, they are more likely to become the best versions of themselves.

All lessons last for one hour. In Year 7, students study the following subjects:

English, Maths, Science, Spanish, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Music, Art, Computing, Physical Education and PSHCE. 

The information for each subject is categorised as follows:

  • Topics taught: this is an overview of the topics Year 7 will be covering this half term.
  • Learning Outcomes: this explains what areas students will be looking at, and the skills they will be developing during the half term.
  • Homework: This provides an outline of when students will be receiving Independent Learning Tasks for each subject.
  • Assessment: this explains how students will be assessed on their understanding of this topic.
  • How I can support my child: this gives suggestions of how you can offer your child support, as well as ways students can explore this area in more detail if they wish.

Curriculum Documents