Modern Foriegn Languages

Why do we study a modern foreign language?

Studying a language is an opportunity for all students to develop their communication skills and broaden their horizons. It is a unique opportunity to grow as a person as it improves cultural awareness and provides access to richer experiences when travelling.

Through the study of a language, our students develop a better understanding of other cultures from around the world, whether this be based around festivals, traditions, food, music, geography and much more. To inspire our students to want to know more about the world they live in is a central focus of our curriculum area.

In addition, we are committed to equipping our students with the language skills and confidence necessary to communicate with people from different countries. Students develop all four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. These are the same skill areas that students had to develop in their mother tongue as toddlers/primary school children, and this process applies to learning a second language.

Building up a wide vocabulary range and an understanding of grammatical concepts is important but in addition to this, developing students’ confidence in using the language (spoken/written) is something we are proud of.

*Current Y7 began Spanish this year and will continue this language throughout Key Stage 3 and at Key Stage 4 if they choose Spanish as a GCSE Option. We do have other students in other year groups who are studying German or French.

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