Design & Technology



Why do we study Food?


Students in Year 7 will begin with the basics of food safety and hygiene. They will learn how to safely use equipment in the kitchen areas and produce food products that are designed to give them basic cooking skills, which are then built upon throughout their time at Hurworth.

The second project in Year 7 will see student’s further progress with more complex practical lessons. They will also explore the journey different commodities take from farm to fork. This project offers a good foundation into knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating as well as building on and expanding their preparation and cooking skills.

Our curriculum focuses on allowing students to understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook, giving them key life skills.

Year 7

Learning Outcomes

In Year 7, students will explore the core skills and knowledge of Design and Technology to develop their practical making and design skills. Students will work with a range of different materials and apply a range of manufacturing techniques during each project. Students are encouraged to demonstrate creative thinking, problem solving skills and build on their resilience.

Topics Taught

Pupils study D&T for 1 term in Year 7.


Torch Project
• Health and safety
• Material
• Electronics

Pop up card
• Materials
• Mechanisms
• Design and aesthetics
• Finishing techniques