Why do we study English?

The magic of studying English is that we are free to escape reality and become immersed in fascinating fictional worlds, be captivated and inspired by gritty non-fiction texts and above all develop a love of the English language.

Teaching English is a passion for the members of our English department and we strongly believe that it is a vital component to learning, providing children with fundamental skills that will aid their whole school progression. Therefore, it is paramount that their English education is rich and creative to ensure engagement.
We aim for students to develop proficient communication skills through reading, writing and oracy, ensuring that they can express themselves thoughtfully and assuredly. They are given boundless opportunities to exercise these skills by exploring a wide range of literature texts to broaden their knowledge of other eras and how the English language has developed over time.

In order for students to be successful in English, it is vital that they enjoy their learning. Therefore, we pride ourselves on delivering exciting, thought-provoking and stimulating lessons that ignite our students’ desires to thrive. Success is attainable for all of our students as we endeavour to challenge and support in our inclusive curriculum.

Below is a comprehensive guide to the programmes of study that we deliver:

Year 7

Learning Outcomes

• AO1 – Understanding implicit information and ideas.
• AO2 – Understanding and identifying language devices.
• AO2 – Understanding and identifying structural devices.
• AO4 – Developing evaluation skills.

• AO5 – Developing descriptive detail.
• AO5 – Developing planning and organisational techniques.
• AO6 – Improving punctuation and sentence structures.
• AO6 – Improving vocabulary choices.

Learning Outcomes

Autumn Term

• Imaginative Writing
• Neil Gaiman: Coraline

Spring Term

• Inspirational Non-fiction
• Writing to Persuade

Summer Term

• Romantic Poetry
• William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet