Design & Technology



Why do we study Engineering?


Within our Design & Technology curriculum our students will also focus on principles of engineering. Engineering allows students to become problem solvers and creative thinkers, solving real life problems and gaining transferable skills and techniques that can be used in many different career paths. The knowledge they gain will let them see how the world around them has been engineered through different materials, processes and technology. In Key Stage 3 students will gain an insight into these principles. Then, depending on their learning styles and strengths, they can choose from two Key Stage 4 engineering courses, both of which offer the building blocks to progress to further study a career in engineering.

Year 7

Learning Outcomes

In Year 7, students will explore the core skills and knowledge of Design and Technology to develop their practical making and design skills. Students will work with a range of different materials and apply a range of manufacturing techniques during each project. Students are encouraged to demonstrate creative thinking, problem solving skills and build on their resilience.

Topics Taught

Pupils study D&T for 1 term in Year 7.


Torch Project
• Health and safety
• Material
• Electronics

Pop up card
• Materials
• Mechanisms
• Design and aesthetics
• Finishing techniques