Literacy Intervention Programme

Some of our Key Stage 3 students require additional support with literacy skills. These students have their Humanities lessons (Religious Studies, History and Geography) delivered with a strong literacy focus.

To avoid confusion, we study only RS in Term 1, History in Term 2 and Geography in Term 3. Because we spend additional time on the development of functional literacy skills, we do not cover the entire curriculum in these Humanities subjects. Every student has a target in Religious Studies, History and Geography and has an assessment near the beginning of each term and another near the end. The following are topics covered:

Year 7

Religious Studies: Does it make sense to believe in God?

History: The impact of the Romans on the UK. 1066

Geography: Weather

Year 8

Religious Studies: Is this life all there is?

History: Why and when did kings lose power? (Causes and events of the English Civil War). Should we feel guilty or proud of the British Empire?

Geography: Fantastic Places

Year 9

Religious Studies: Peace and Justice

History: Was the 20th century the age of conflict? (Focus on WWI and II).

Geography: Restless Earth

In addition to Humanities targets, each student has a set of literacy skills upon which to focus during written work. Development of these writing skills is assessed throughout the term. Progress in reading comprehension, spelling and single word reading is assessed at various times throughout the year using standardised tests. Standardised scores give a measure of progress in these skills and an indication of where a student’s performance lies in relation to the national average.

Alongside Humanities-based lessons, students in Year 7 and 8 will also have the following lessons within the Literacy Intervention Programme: Touch typing, Accelerated Reading and group reading (Reciprocal Reading).

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