School Performance

Schools Performance

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Overview of the school’s results for the academic year 2018-19

Headline measures

Progress 8 score after adjustment for extreme pupil scores -0.24
Average attainment 8 score per pupil 48.71
% of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate 8.9%
Average EBacc APS score per pupil 3.81
% achieving grade 5 or above in English and Maths 45.93%

Additional measures

% achieving grade 4 or above in English and Maths 76%
% entering three single Sciences 40%

Progress 8

Number of pupils included in the Progress 8 score 133
Progress 8 score for English Element (all Progress 8 Elements are unadjusted) -0.25
Progress 8 score for Maths Element (all Progress 8 Elements are unadjusted) -0.05
Progress 8 score 2017 +0.17
Progress 8 score 2018 -0.09

Whilst the school’s Progress 8 figure of -0.24 has been categorised by the Department for Education as ‘below average’ and represents a fall from the 2018 figure of -0.09, the context below is helpful when considering this figure: –

• Students’ scores in English qualifications are double weighted when the Progress 8 calculation is made; following concerns raised by our staff who have an outstanding track record of securing superb results in English for our students; the school has pursued every avenue possible to ensure that the marking is accurate, this has resulted in a significant number of grades being raised.
• 46% of students have achieved a grade 5 or above in both English and Maths GCSEs, this is above both the local and national averages.
• In attainment terms i.e. the actual qualifications the students require as “currency” when they walk out of the door; the school’s Attainment 8 score of 48.7; this is above both the local and the national average.
• An above average number of Hurworth students stay in education or enter employment when they leave us demonstrating that they have been well prepared for their future lives.

Hurworth School fully believes in giving our students the widest possible horizons for learning and continues to aim to achieve the finest 11-16 education to be found anywhere. Our vision is that each child experiences excellence with care every day and in order to achieve this we will continue to further refine our procedures and practices to provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that ignites pupils’ love of learning and successfully unlocks the true potential of each individual during 2019-20 and beyond.

As you can see the results are very good in the vast majority of subject areas, and we hope that they may become even stronger over the next few days and weeks as the full regional and national picture emerges. We also have a number of pupils who are very close to the grade boundary in a number of subjects which may move the percentages up even higher!

The school’s Careers Advisor, Penny Hudson, was in school today and having analysed all of the students’ results the vast majority of pupils will have the opportunity to proceed onto their preferred college destination and therefore we had a lot of very happy students and family members at the school this morning. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces and there were lots of requests for me to pass on both the students and the parents thanks to all of the staff in the school for everything they had done to support them.

The results, as ever, are due to the hard work, determination and perseverance of the students who once again have been skillfully supported by an outstanding team of teaching and non-teaching staff who have “gone the extra mile” to ensure that barriers to learning, both academically and pastorally, have been successfully broken down to ensure that all pupils have had the best opportunity of achieving their optimum potential.

Miss N Peaker
August 2019

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