Pastoral Organisation

To help us achieve our goal of providing excellent education with a high degree of care for all of our students we place a great deal of emphasis on the pastoral organisation of the school. We are proud of the fact that the atmosphere and ethos in school is one of respect and dedication to learning. To this end your child will have a support structure of key personnel around them from day one that seeks to support, guide and encourage high attainment and enjoyment of all aspects of school life.

Each student on entry to school will be placed into a mixed ability tutor group. These groups are very carefully created to combine friendship groups with individuals who display the wide variety of talents, interests and needs that make up our school as a whole.

Form Tutor

Each group has a form tutor who will remain with that group throughout this 5 years at school wherever possible. The form tutor’s concern is the total welfare of the student. They will always be available to the student for advice, support and guidance. The form tutor is the member of staff that will see most of your child at school and as such they are pivotal to each child’s success. We actively encourage regular dialogue or written contact between parents and the tutor. The tutor is your first point of call in school.

Raising Achievement Co-ordinator

Each year group is supported by a Raising Achievement Co-ordinator. These members of staff support and guide students through the challenges of school. They are caring individuals who seek to coordinate the learning of each individual and maximise their achievement. They work very closely with all Heads of Department, teaching staff and external agencies to ensure that each individual student’s needs are met and that students are fulfilling their potential at Hurworth School. If you are unable to speak to your child’s tutor, the Raising Achievement Co-ordinator is your next point of call.

Leadership Team

For serious issues, members of the Leadership Team will be able to assist you. They work very closely with Raising Achievement Co-ordinators and form tutors and together they all make up the Pastoral team of Hurworth School.

Parents’ Evenings

There is one formal parents’ evening for each year group every academic year and an additional year 7 parents’ evening early in the Autumn term. These evenings provide all parties with an opportunity to discuss progress, future tasks and events. Your attendance at these events is crucial to the success of your child.

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