Head Teacher’s Message

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Hurworth School website and to our school. I hope that you will enjoy viewing the school website and its associated links and finding out about our remarkable school and the superb education we offer.

Hurworth School is an 11-16 school with academy status and is the lead school in Swift Academies Trust, where it works in partnership with The Rydal Academy and Longfield Academy. The school has a reputation for being an outstanding school and has an impressive record of achievement as an outstanding school.

Hurworth is a forward-looking school and grasps the opportunities that present themselves. A love of learning is at the heart of Hurworth with a strong emphasis on high quality teaching. The curriculum is organised to meet the needs of all students and is regularly reviewed. All staff are hardworking and dedicated to the school; staff are specialists and experts in their field and are committed to achieving the best for their students and helping them to become the best versions of themselves.

Students are bright, enthusiastic and curious and have a love of learning.

As well as the formal curriculum, students at Hurworth enjoy a rich and varied extra-curricular educational offer.

Underpinning all that goes on at Hurworth is the schools aim of Achieving Excellence with Care, as such there are excellent relationships between staff and students. Staff give generously of their time and are rewarded by the commitment and dedication of the pupil.

Since joining Hurworth in 1996 and proudly serving as its Head Teacher for 15 years from 2003 to 2018 and once again from 2021 my aim as Head Teacher has always been to provide students with the best possible 11-16 education to be found anywhere. I believe that the students, staff and parents/carers deserve nothing less than this commitment from me and the staff at the school.

Students only get one chance at a formal education and it our responsibility to make sure that this is best experience that it possibly can be. In order to do this we must instil the joy of lifelong learning whilst ensuring that they have all of the necessary skills , knowledge, personal qualities and academic qualifications that they need to enable them to achieve their Post-16 dreams, hopes and ambitions.

Dean Judson

Head Teacher